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Minnesota’s Behavior-Only Specialty Practice

We are a veterinary behavior consultation practice focused on helping owners understand and effectively treat their companion animal’s behavior problems. Our methods are based on knowledge of current learning theory, neurochemistry and veterinary science. While we can assist with many animal species, we focus primarily on dogs and cats.

Our Services

Diagnostic Appointments
Clinic appointments: Our clinic is specially designed to provide a low-stress environment for your pet, including a separate entrance and exit, an interior floor plan that shelters your pet from encountering other pets, sound proofing to keep the environment quiet, and larger exam space as needed. Our staff understands how to keep your pet most relaxed. Most behavior concerns can be effectively addressed via in-clinic appointments.

Home visits: We also offer home visits, according to your pet’s needs — or simply your preference. Home visits are billed at a higher rate to make up for our time out of the office, but we are happy to come to you if that best suits your needs.

We love cats! Our feline friends are not little dogs. Cats have their own instincts, desires and social needs which must be understood to address their behavior. Both Drs. Bryant and Duxbury have the scientific background and clinical experience to do just that. While cat owners often prefer home visits, we have successfully treated many cats through in-clinic appointments.

What You Can Expect

The diagnostic process begins with a consultation to make a detailed and thorough assessment of your pet’s behavior issues. As veterinarians, we are alert to the ways health can affect your pet’s behavior, and will work with your pet’s primary veterinarian to address any possible medical conditions.

We’ll observe, evaluate and discuss how interactions and the pet’s environment may be affecting your pet’s behavior. From there we will craft personalized recommendations based on realistic expectations. Two months of email or phone follow-up is included with each visit.

One-on-One Assistance

Many clients do best when they receive one-on-one help from a qualified trainer to implement the behavior modification recommended at the appointment. Yes, this means cats, too! One-on-one sessions allow you and your pet to feel comfortable enough to learn and practice what you need in a safe, fun, and instructive environment. If you are not already connected with a trainer, you can let our trainers guide you and your pet through the recommended steps to success.

Compassion, Not Confrontation

At Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota PLLC, we seek to understand—NOT to punish. We are dedicated to helping you understand the motivation for your pet’s behavior, the cross-species communications gaps that contribute to behavior problems, and to using the science of learning to guide you to a workable outcome.

Our Satisfaction Is Derived From Yours

We truly are here to help. If you are concerned about your pet’s behavior, and you aren’t willing to give up on your pet, then reach out to us. Request an appointment online or call us at 612.554.1182 or 320.292.6608. We look forward to working with you!


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